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           Well, I guess this is the page where I should write how awesome I am and how lucky you are to find me, right ? You should also read testimonials from happy people who swear that I am the gift of God for those who need a photographer, isn’t it ?

           I am sorry, it doesn’t work like that, your time is too precious to be wasted with that kind of BS. You like my work or don’t. It’s simple. You are here to see pictures not to read about a genius who was born with a camera in his hand !

For your peace of mind though, I can tell you I am a father, a husband, and I never was in prison (smooth, huh?)

I was a pro choreographer for 9 years and photography was my hobby. Twelve years ago (after those nine years, OK ?) I met my wife, Miki, who’s a makeup artist (www.mikimakeup.com) so I decided to switch my career and ditch the dancing tours around the world, for the convenience of travel with her around the world and doing photography.

What all this have to do with you ?  Let’s see. I have sent subliminal messages, just to make you understand how amazing I am. So.

1. Being a choreographer, means I know how to put you in the right pose and set your mood for the best expression.

2. As a photographer, I know one or two tricks to put the light where it should be and find the appropriate angle for the best results

(I really, really wanted to use “amazing results” but I am a modest guy).

3. Having always a makeup artist with me (did you noticed the elegant way I’ve used to make you book her too ?) makes me a bulletproof .

4. The fact that I didn’t do jail time, means that I am not a dangerous person so you’re safe (of course it is possible that I am a smart psycho and they didn’t caught me yet !)

If all this didn’t convinced you that I am the right person for the job, then I will tell you the ultimate secret :

I can wiggle my ears !

No, really, I CAN !

Or maybe you should check the gallery section again ?


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